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hey! my name is Steph, Welcome to Penny Wednesday! let me give ya a little back story on myself: I occasionally enjoy a bag of skittles to myself (i hide from my toddler) , i LOVE to dance, i'm obsessed with watching cartoons with my babe , i LOVE to take pics(seriously i have no memory on all my devices), i have a MAD love for music, and go nuts for everything creative. Since i was a kid, i had always been different, not necessarily "cool" per-say but definitely marched to the beat of my own crazy drum. I had  always been fascinated by different and interesting EVERYTHING!!! and day dreamed about 80% of my days . Of course i never grew out of any of those things......heh...heh..... 

*ok, ok Steph stop talking about yourself now and tell us about Penny Wednesday*


Penny Wednesday came about in 2015 when my rad little baby was born. My little muse inspired me in so many ways, the moment i looked into her little eyes. She became my little barbie doll! I wanted to dress her a certain way, i wanted her to be my little mini me! but didn't quite have the funds to do so. Like many broke college fashion students do, i resulted in making her, her own things. I made her headbands, accessories, and clothes galore. It was so fun for me! Soon after friends and family began asking for pieces and hand made items. It excited me! The fact that people liked what i was doing was mind boggling. For once i wasn't the weirdo anymore. So then and there i decided to open up Penny Wednesday! When Wednesday was born i vowed at that moment to always keep her safe, to always show her she's amazing, worth it and to teach her to accept herself if she turned out to be "weird" or "different" because if she did; she'd be a force to be reckoned with. Soon after those same thoughts, words, and feelings became part of a mission for Penny Wednesday. A mission to serve as a creative outlet for children and inspire them to be themselves. Working with kids for many years, i have learned that children are brave, strong, and smart. In a world where things can be quite negative, they need us to teach them to be positive and kind. Here at Penny Wednesday we speak the language of children! As well as the language of trendy parents hehe..... Penny Wednesday is inspired by music, art, diversity, culture, pop culture, my beautiful daughter of course, and creativity in all forms! Everyone is accepted, no one is turned away. Its ok to stand out and be different. Now please, Look around! I hope you like what you see!<3

Bad Gal Wednesday

As for Bad Gal, this is my story behind it:

Ive always Loved fashion, art, and music . Seriously they drive me wild. With that serving as a fraction of my inspiration i came up with Bad Gal. A "Hey i'm an empowered female megatron rebel, with girl boss capabilities so don't f*&$ with me" brand. Bad Gal was made to spread positivity and confidence to everyone that rocks it. "BAD"in the positive  sense, BAD where they need to watch out for us, BAD because we're capable of running the world. Bad Gal is a brand where accepting is everything but needing acceptance is a thing of the past. Whether you're a mom, a geek, a weirdo, a loser, or define yourself as something else, lets show what bad gals can do. Wheres my Bad Gal Tribe? lets take over the Universe!